Why Knowing that technological Advance Made Cities To Grow Is Important

Did you ever ask yourself which technological advance allowed cities to expand outward instead of inward? Well, think about it for a moment. Which technological advance allowed cities to enlarge outward instead of inward? It wasn’t the discovery of the telephone or the automobile. It wasn’t the invention of airplanes or the steamboat.

which technological advance allowed cities to expand outward

No, this technological advance allowed the cities to be more productive. It allowed the cities to utilize space better. It allowed for the movement of people who previously could not have moved without traveling through various modes, namely the horse and the sleigh. It also allowed for cities to utilize open spaces better than they had before.

Now think about how far cities have come since the advent of these advancements. What has become very common place in modern day cities is the car. People rarely travel without one. Cars now play a much larger role in transportation than they did before.

Additionally, cities are now seeing the integration of the metro system into their transportation systems. This allows for an unprecedented level of connectivity among different parts of a city. In modern day, a city is considered a modern day metropolis if it has at least one metro rail system and a bus rapid transit system serving multiple lines.

Perhaps, the most important advancement that allowed for cities to develop at an accelerated rate came from the invention of electricity. Electricity allowed for the creation and transportation of goods and services on a much larger scale than it had been before. This gave rise to the development of large cities, industrial centers and what we commonly know as cities. Without electricity, cities could not have developed technologically.

These technological advancements which allowed for cities to develop at such an incredible rate were sparked off by two major discoveries. The first came from wireless technology. This allowed for communication between two locations, which used to be impossible. The other discovery came from the development of the compass. This discovery enabled navigation between two locations that were otherwise unknown.

Of course, perhaps the most important technological advancement allowed for the development of cities was the development of the printing press. Printing has changed the way we communicate forever. Before the development of the press, people needed to send messages through other mediums such as snail mail. However, once the presses were developed, it allowed for mass printing of documents which then allowed for the instant messaging of information. Therefore, without the invention of printing, we would still be using parchment and ink to print out documents and news letters.

Today, people can send images and photos all over the world within minutes. We can also send email and faxes with far less effort than ever before. All of these advancements were brought about by the development of which technological advance allowed cities to grow. Without this, we would still be living in a cave like communities and would not be able to connect with others around the world. Therefore, if you are wondering, “Why do I need to learn which technological advance allowed cities to grow,” then you should think about all of the advancements that have been made possible by the Internet.

The Internet has eliminated the cost of postage, which is used to send letters and packages all over the world. It is also a very efficient way of communication as opposed to the letter and package delivery. In addition, the Internet is a global means of communication and therefore is just as valuable as any other form of media. Therefore, without the Internet, we would still be communicating through snail mail or through costly international flights. Therefore, if you are wondering, “Why do I need to learn which technological advance allowed cities to grow?”

The answer to that question is simple; because the Internet has made the world a much smaller place to live in. You no longer have to travel for miles upon miles to go to work because of the development of high speed rail. You also no longer have to make multiple stops to speak with someone at a restaurant because of the development of video intercoms. Therefore, the answer to the question posed in the title can also be, “Why do I need to know which technological advance allowed cities to grow?”

Of course, the most important reason is that cities can only grow and become advanced as long as there is an economy that can support such technological advances. Therefore, it is a very wise investment to invest in education today so that your children can have the opportunity to enjoy these benefits tomorrow. Furthermore, think about how much it will cost you in the future when you do not have to pay for expensive trips to visit various cities because you live in the middle of the United States.