Why Does Technology Advance?

The question, “Why does technology progress?” has been asked time and again since the dawn of the human race. Today, as computers, telecommunications, and wireless communications continue to become more powerful and sophisticated, the original question remains a key part of our technological society. What drives technology, how does it affect us and why are some technological advancements desirable while others are viewed with suspicion?

Technological change is nothing new. Things have always progressed through natural means, such as cave dwellers acquiring and using fire for warmth and food, and later using bows and arrows to battle each other in war. A technological advancement, however, is something that occurs beyond the natural bounds of mankind. It is something that pushes the human race forward technologically by leaps and bounds. For instance, the wheel was invented long before the wheel existed in the world, but the invention of the wheel advanced the society of the early Romans significantly.

Why does technology advance? Science has three main objectives. The first is to understand the world around us and learn to measure things that are currently happening, such as the speeds of light, or the growth rate of plants or even the complexity of brain neurons. The second objective is to create machines that can do things that man cannot do. And the third objective is to improve on previous inventions to create new inventions.

Advancements in society have also been the driving force behind technology advances. The telephone was invented to make long distance communication easier. The electric refrigerator has made it possible to store food and drinks longer than ever before. The automobile has made transportation easier and made the trip to work or school more enjoyable.

Technological progress has sometimes led to opposition from groups of people who feel their rights have been violated. Technology, they argue, infringes on the rights of people to govern themselves in the public interest. These groups can be radical environmental organizations or religious zealots. Sometimes these groups are right and other times they are wrong. Sometimes a technological advance may open up new societal opportunities that would not have been available without the advancement.

When society is advanced enough, sometimes a person feels the need to step back and ask what all was done to make that happen. What did people do to achieve that? Did they spend time making that technology work for them? Did they research the various technologies and find ways to make them work for them? Did they get political support? Did they simply wait for technology to come along and work its magic?

All these questions are important to those who want to advance society. They recognize that in some cases technology has actually harmed people and society as a whole. They therefore want to use technology in a way that is compatible with the well being of society. When people follow this path, the result is not only society being more productive but also being more socially just.

Why does technology advance? It does so for a reason. It allows the human race to live a more comfortable and fulfilling life. Unfortunately there are those who believe it should not be allowed to progress. This is a decision each individual must make for him or herself.

Why does society push for technology? Because it allows people to do things that would otherwise be out of reach. Society needs advanced technology in order to prosper. In fact society pushes for the government to invest in science and technology because these forms of technology help society greatly.

Science and technology have advanced so much because of the questions and ideas advanced by scientists and thinkers over the years. Why does technology advance? It does so because of the answer given to those questions. It is the quest for the unknown. It is the unknown, because human beings are not sure of what is going on in the world around them.

We need to ask ourselves why does technology advance? It pushes the human race forward and helps us to explore the universe and learn about our planet. Without the development of technology we wouldn’t know about the moon, what the planets were made of, and what caused starships in the distant future.