What Technological Advances Let Human Population Grow?

what technological advancements allowed human population and cities to grow

What Technological Advances Let Human Population Grow?

What technological advances allowed the human population to increase and grow in numbers? The most important of these is the discovery of fire. This allowed people to build permanent structures such as houses, ovens, and eventually big cities. With the discovery of fire, humans could produce a surplus of food that allowed them to grow in numbers. In fact, farming was possible and people could produce a surplus of food for their cities without any help from nature.

Another technological advancement that helped humans was writing. Writing allowed people to share information about events happening in their cities or in other parts of the world. Without this form of communication, people would have a very difficult time communicating with each other. This form of communication helped human society develop further and gave them many more options when it came to sharing information. For example, with the invention of the wheel, people were able to use machines to make carts which facilitated transportation for groups of people.

The third and one of the most important form of technological advancement was the use of weapons. As the population of the world grew, it became necessary to have something that could defend the population from outside attacks. This led to the development of swords and bows, which helped the population in combating off attacks. Also, along with the growth of the population, the need for shelter increased causing the development of tents and dwellings. This was one of the reasons why population growth seemed to be so slow during this period of history.

A fourth form of technology was made and this was the use of machinery. This allowed people to get things done faster and more efficiently. One of the most prominent forms of machinery that helped mankind was the wheel. It allowed people to move products and goods from one place to another. Also, this helped with transportation. For instance, the wheel allowed people to move things such as wheat and other farm produce through the use of ruts.

Computers were also developed during this time. It allowed people to communicate and collaborate with each other. It helped people develop better means of resolving disputes between each other and also developed ways to simplify business transactions among companies. It even helped the economy by making transactions easier and faster.

Population control was another advancement during this time. This is especially relevant in developing countries where family size is considered a social problem. With the help of this form of population control, parents can control their population in a safe and controlled manner. It also helped them build a strong economy that will be able to support the continued growth of the human population.

In today’s world, population control methods are not very popular. However, it is still used because it is still effective. This method allows couples to have more children so that the planet can continue to sustain a growing human population. Through this method couples help determine the number of children they want. They also help decide who should get the children depending on their skills and how much they are willing to pay in order to have those children. This is still one of the most important methods of population control because it helps people plan for the future of the planet and of the human race in general.

These are just some of the what technological advancements allowed the human population to grow. Some of these advancements are still occurring today. The population growth of the world has increased at an alarming rate. The Earth still possesses enough natural resources to support the continued growth of the human population. The next time you hear somebody ask, “What technological advancements allowed the human population to grow?”