What Is the Advanced Technology Package on a Prius V?

Do you know what is the advanced technology package on a Prius V? If you don’t, then chances are that you could have a brand new hybrid car that will blow your mind. In addition to the hydrogen fuel cell, the Prius V offers a whole host of other technologies that will allow it to become much more fuel efficient than any competing vehicle today. In fact, the engineers at Toyota have spent quite some time creating a bunch of new technologies for this Prius. This article will go into more detail about what some of these technologies are.

One of the most significant advances in hybrid vehicles in recent years has been the development of what is called an “intake air cooler”. These air coolers can cool the fuel down so that it becomes more gas efficient when it goes through the carburetor. The intake air cooler also reduces the turbulence that is created by the engine as the fuel burns. When the air is cooled and smoother, the combustion is smoother too.

In the past, air induction systems on hybrid vehicles were very noisy and power was lost because the engine noise rose and the engine had to work harder to maintain the temperature. But with the introduction of air conditioning systems and hybrid engine technologies, the noise level can be reduced so that the vehicle still runs smoothly. The power is still there, but it isn’t as loud as it was before. Another advantage of this is that the air filter doesn’t need to be cleaned as often, which means that the engine performance will still be as good as a pure gas powered Prius.

The other advanced technology package on a Prius V is the electric motor upgrade. This upgrade allows you to use a standard gasoline engine in your Prius, but you will be able to take advantage of the electric motor’s power as well. You will enjoy increased fuel efficiency and less pollution since your engine is working harder to maintain the temperature of the gas that it is burning. The electric motor is also smaller than the one found in the Prius so it is easier to install and it has been proven to perform better. If you want to travel further, then you can plug in your electric motor from any compatible electricity source.

A popular upgrade is the software package. Some people like to get this because it lets them continue using their current platform regardless of the hybrid car’s mileage. The software is updated automatically, so you won’t have to worry about finding and installing the updates yourself. It also lets you do things like link your cellular phone to the Prius. The idea behind these updates is that you can use your phone to charge the hybrid battery and this will extend the life of your battery.

Another thing you should look for when looking for an advanced technology package for a Prius or is warranty protection. Most warranties for hybrid vehicles will only cover wear and tear for the first few thousand miles, but if you have an extended warranty plan then you will have additional coverage for things like accident damage or even theft. This isn’t usually offered with the factory warranty so make sure to ask what your warranty covers. Many people don’t think to ask this important question until after they purchase their Prius so be sure to inquire before hand. If you are considering an extended warranty plan, make sure you find out what is included.

Not everyone enjoys the clean tech design of the new Prius. For those who are not impressed with the way the Prius looks, you can purchase a cover for it that allows you to keep it in its new appearance. You can get a custom silicon cover if you prefer a more elegant design. Some people even buy separate covers so that they have both a Prius and Hybrid vehicle. This way they can use their hybrid on highways and have their Prius for city use. Just be sure to purchase one that fits your Prius’ body style otherwise you’ll be squandering money unnecessarily.

The advanced technology package on a Prius is worth every penny because it features all of the great features of a hybrid car. You get better gas mileage, longer range, more horsepower, and more value. Talk to your dealer and see if they offer any packages that you can upgrade to. You might be pleasantly surprised.