What is One Early technological Advance That Shaped Culture?

what is one early technological advance that shaped culture

What is One Early technological Advance That Shaped Culture?

What is One Early Technology Advance That Shaped the Society? The answer may surprise you. It is this answer that will form the basis for much of our future discussions as society reawakens its long dormant technological roots.

There are two answers to the question; what is one technological advancement that shaped the society? One is the impact that technological know-how had on society. It’s not necessarily a good or bad thing. Consider that the Wright brothers made history by making the first flight over America, and no one was hurt. They showed that it was possible to fly, and it changed the course of history.

The other answer is the impact that technological change had on society. Some would argue that the Industrial Revolution changed the way we lived, changed the way we worked, and changed the nature of communication. Technological change doesn’t always have a good or bad effect on society, but sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t. How do we decide what the historical effects were of technological change?

The societies that emerged from the Industrial Revolution all have different answers to the question; what is one technological advance that shaped the society? One answer might be to look at how gender roles were defined before the Industrial Revolution. Perhaps wives were treated as property by their husband’s title and could be taken away at will if the husband wasn’t paying attention. Other societies looked differently at the meaning of family. One family could be owned by the male family member, and others could be owned by the female family member.

Other technological developments would impact gender roles and family values. For example, the discovery of fire caused many societies to redefine what it meant for a woman to be fertile. The discovery of tobacco caused another redefinition where a woman’s place of fertility was once taken over by a man. In some societies, technological developments also helped determine societal roles.

One possible impact is on education. If children were educated before they could read, they might not have access to the educational opportunities available. The invention of the printing press would have an even greater impact on education. If people could read before they had a chance to write, they might not have been able to shape political situations in their favor.

One other potential impact is on leisure time. People might not have been able to make time for watching television before the advent of television. They might not have been able to go shopping and shop before the availability of convenient shopping and transportation. This last technological development may have had a significant impact on how people went about their leisure time.

What is one early technological advance that shaped society? This is an interesting question. It is difficult to say. As technology changes, so do the ways in which people interact with each other and shape society.

One thing that has definitely changed is how we obtain information. Instead of walking into a book store, many people today simply use their computer. With a laptop computer, people can sit down at their desk and access thousands of books. These books are generally available electronically. If a book reader was not invented, people would be limited to books within their computer’s library.

In addition to electronically stored books, an electronic book reader has several other advantages. For one thing, these electronic devices are usually much more compact than their printed counterparts. In addition to being thinner, they also tend to be lighter. Finally, an electronic book reader can easily be transported to multiple locations. Printed books usually need to be folded or packed in a special case and cannot be taken with you.

What is one early technological advance that shaped culture? It’s the portable electronic book reader. No matter where you are, you can access thousands of books without taking the time out of your day to travel to the local library. The future of reading may very well be contained within these devices.

What is one early technological advance that shaped culture? It was the development of the electronic book reader. Without this device, individuals would not have access to thousands of books on topics ranging from agriculture to aviation. A person could purchase and read the books that he or she desires from the convenience of their home. It is now possible to purchase books that are out of stock at your local book store, but you do not have to go into the bookstore to enjoy that title. Simply log onto the internet and you can instantly find that rare book in your price range.