What Are The Technological Advances Which Were Made By Egypt?

The title of this article may bring a few sighs to your lips and it may intrigue you to know what technological advancements were made by Egypt. Well, to begin with, let us quickly analyze what technological advancements were actually created in Egypt. There were many such advancements made by Egypt. This article will henceforth describe some of the major ones.

what technological advancements were created by egypt

Textile: The textile industry in Egypt is well-known for its large textile production. The textile industry of Egypt has been well established since the pharaohs founded the pharaohs’ fortifications at the beginning of the fourth century B.C. The main textile industry of Egypt is centered around Nile Delta and the southern part of the country. The textile industry is well-known for its large-scale production, which includes textiles, carpet, wall tapestries, furniture, metal works, and even jewels. However, the textile industry is also capable of local production of dyed-fabric goods, quilted fabric, gourds and vegetables.

Metalworking: The ancient Egyptian society is well-known for the amazing craft of metal working and the use of metal in textile products. The earliest evidence of the use of metal tools or machines in textile products or household repairs can be traced from around 3000 B.C. The very first wheel used in textile production was discovered by the Egyptian archaeologists around 4000 B.C. Crops were first planted in the fertile fields around the Nile Delta some 5000 years ago. The exact date of the invention of seeds and farming methods are not known. However, a lot of progress has been made since then.

Agriculture: Agriculture is the process of growing food to sell and makes use of all the lands that can be arable. Egypt is a very important agricultural nation. Egyptians are known to be among one of the first people to use the ancient method of cultivation – hoeing the fields using wild grasses, cereals and weeds. They also used water powered ploughs on their agricultural lands.

Water Management: Water is very essential for agricultural lands. Domestic and commercial plumbing was first discovered by the Egyptians. They discovered how to make use of natural aquifers that could help them grow crops and domestic livestock. The Nile system was utilized for this. Water from underground springs was gathered and transported to the fields, where it was used for different purposes such as irrigation, watering the fields, washing the floors, keeping the plants green, etc. This was the way that the ancient Egyptian irrigation system worked.

Animal Breeding/ertility: Before, Egyptian farmers only used domestic animals to help them in their agricultural activities. But, later as times progressed, they began the practice of breeding domestic animals. At first, they used dogs and asses for milking cattle. Later on, they also started using sheep, goats and other domestic animals to increase their yields. However, when they had nothing else to farm except for wild grasslands, they started using crops, seeds and nuts.

Technology: What technological advancements were made by Egypt? The modern industries that are being run by Egyptians are far advanced from the ancient Egyptian culture. The Nile system and water management were utilized by them for thousands of years. Therefore, when we talk about the Egyptian technologies, we cannot talk about something that is only recent.

The Nile system is also a part of history that cannot be erased from the history books. Therefore, when we talk about the technological advancements that were made by Egypt, we cannot talk about something that is only recent. The advancements made by the Egyptian agricultural lands are indeed vast. If you are a person who wants to take charge of the economy of the country, you must utilize these agricultural lands in order to grow crops and make more money.