The Ruby Theatre in Franklin North Carolina

Have you ever heard of a Ruby Cinema? It is a rare find in Franklin North Carolina. There are no movies being shown here like in the big cities. But Ruby Cineplex is a great place to go and enjoy a movie. Here are some of my favorites in Franklin North Carolina.

The Ruby Cinema has a lot of old films. It has the original “Mighty Mouse” and “Lucky Number Slevin” among other classic movies. The New York Metropolia Picture Show is also shown at the theater. I have always liked the pictures from the late nineteen twenties and early nineteen seventies. You will see my favorites here.

My second favorite movie at the Ruby Cinema is “The Breakfast Club”. This is a movie that everyone should see. I saw it when it came out on DVD and I re-ordered it. The first time I saw the movie, I was not sure about my feelings for it since it is such a long movie, but boy am I glad I saw it.

The gem shop that is run by Frank and Beth (the owners) is located just down the road from the theater. You can pick up some real gems here. You can also buy a beautiful diamond ring that was given to me by my friend. She said the stone was so smooth that it was breathtaking.

This was my third visit to the Ruby Cinema. I had bought tickets to see the Tim Burton movie that he was doing at the time. Once I got there, I was really excited to see the Tim Burton movie. Once I got there, I did not even think about getting the seat reserved. That is what is so great about this gem shop.

There is no way that I would have missed out on seeing the gems in the movie. I did see a bunch of gems in the movie, but I only focused on the gems that were featured in the film. It is amazing how few gems are shown in movies these days. It is a shame because they do look so good in the original. I always enjoy going to the Ruby Cinema to see any Tim Burton movie.

My favorite thing to do at the Ruby Cinema is to talk with the owners. They are very nice and always want to make you happy. They are also a lot of fun because they get you talking about the movie while you are enjoying all of the great gems that they have to offer.

The Ruby Cinema is a gem shop that is definitely worth a stop. My friends and I have made a lot of “surprises” when we go there. It is definitely a gem shop that I will be taking advantage of when I come to town. If you are ever in Franklin North Carolina, you should make it a point to stop by the Ruby Cinema.

If you do not want to spend a lot of money on a ticket, you might be interested in checking out their other offerings. You can also find other things to do in Franklin North Carolina. They have four fantastic restaurants around the corner. There are even some great little shops around the corner that you can find great jewelry and decor. This is just a small taste of what you can expect to find at the gem shop in Franklin North.

I really enjoyed going to the Ruby Theatre in Franklin North Carolina. I got to see the movie of my choice and got a chance to meet some of the people who created the gems that are featured in the movie. The atmosphere of the gem shop was excellent.

Every time I am in North Carolina, I make it a point to go to the Ruby Theatre. You can even find tickets for the show. You can also find out more about the other artisans who create the original gemstones that are featured in the movie. This is one place you definitely want to check out if you are in Franklin North.

My family has always taken an interest in the arts. So when we were visiting the Ruby Theatre in Franklin North Carolina, we had a little bit of extra time to kill and so we took advantage of the opportunity. We walked from the gem shop right into the theatre. When we got out there, the whole family had an energetic experience.