The Popularity Surge of Ceramic Kitchen Sinks in South Africa

Have you ever wanted to try out South Africa’s ceramic kitchen sinks? These sinks have been in vogue since the 1990s and are a perfect example of fusion between different styles and tastes. The main difference between this type of kitchen sink and others is its porcelain finish. This porcelain is made from clay and hence has a very different feel from other types of porcelain kitchen sinks. Most of the designs show the beautiful colors found in South Africa.

ceramic kitchen sinks south africa

If you want to take a trip to Africa, there is no better option than to check out a store that sells ceramic sinks. You can also visit any well-known company that deals with kitchen accessories and other kitchenware. If you are not too sure about where you should start your search, you can refer to any travel guide or even an online photo source. The options available to you will definitely surprise you.

The ceramic kitchen sinks in this photo source are designed by two famous South African design companies called T&C Surgical Products and Kamu Harus. They are both owned by Randa Jarrar and have been in business since the year 1961. The following paragraphs summarize their history and the various products that they sell.

According to this article from the South African Trade newspaper, the first ceramic kitchen sink was created in 1960 by Randa Jarrar. She believed that the lack of quality materials was one of the reasons why traditional kitchen worktops were fast becoming obsolete. The ceramic sink she created was called the Restoran di Ini and was used by her as a test case for the other ceramic kitchen sinks. Later, she introduced a new porcelain material called the Kalau kuahnya. The Kalau kuahnya is made from clay and has a shiny finish that is almost identical to cast iron.

According to the article from the same paper, the ceramic kitchen sink Randa Jarrar created in 1960 can be considered as a revolutionary invention. At the time, it was the only porcelain material that was not toxic, and also the only one that was heat resistant. The design of the Restoran di sini that Jarrar created was intended to meet the requirements of the surgeons at the time. These surgeons required that all their patients are given anesthesia before surgery so that they would be unaware of what they were doing.

When the porcelain restoran di it was launched, it immediately sold out. This marked the beginning of the end for the traditional porcelain products that many people loved. The reason for their popularity decline was because no company was able to reproduce the process that the original designer had created. In order to do this, companies started to create a vinyl-coated version of the kuahnya.

This is the reason why the current crop of ceramic kitchen sinks from SAABER are able to offer something that is completely different than the rest of the market. The new model is called the Bakmi GM. It is created out of a unique composite of clay and metal. The ceramic body of the product has a shiny finish that makes it almost similar in appearance to cast iron. It also has a stencil that is imprinted on its front.

The photo source also reports that the new ceramic kitchen sinks from SAABER are able to resist germs and bacteria up to a point. This is due to the porcelain body that is almost impenetrable by any kind of bacteria. Bakmi GM also features a front-access cover that can be removed to access the insides of the unit. This is in contrast to the rest of the models that have large front panel covers that cannot be removed.