The Benefits of a Battery Operated Fireplace Insert

The new trend in home fireplaces is a new product, the battery operated fireplace insert. If you have never seen one before, they are basically a scaled down, re-sized version of their larger brothers, the standard fireplace heater. These units have a small footprint and can fit just about anywhere, including inside a standard sized room. When properly installed, they produce a heat signature similar to that produced by a standard sized fireplace, but without the exhaust.

battery operated fireplace insert

The benefit to these units over their larger brothers is that they produce very little waste and require very little maintenance. The miniature battery operated fireplace insert operates on a 12 volt battery, which means it takes only a few seconds to “go to sleep” once set up. This quiet, comfortable, heat source produces a realistic looking flame effect, resembling that of a real fire.

Once installed, the insert is ready to go. A few minutes after power is added, the unit is ready to light with a click of the button. No wiring is required, no cords or space restrictions. The insert plugs into an electrical outlet just like any other light switch. Some models are equipped with remotes for easy start/stop operations.

The fireplace insert also comes complete with a thermometer to monitor the temperature inside the room. This thermometer can be used for two different functions. One, when the unit is turned on and not heating up the room, the thermometer will indicate the interior temperature. Two, when the unit is heating up the room and it is nearing the desired temperature, the thermometer will signal the burners, which will start the flame.

Just like any other battery operated appliance, a battery powered fireplace insert is subject to being drained if left unattended. As a result, always turn off the power before attempting to use the unit. In addition, before leaving the room, turn off the power to the insert so it does not overheat and short out the unit.

The majority of the battery operated fireplace insert models available on the market today come in two basic styles. The first style has a small control key on the front and a larger knob on the back. The knob controls the volume and can be turned either clockwise or counterclockwise to adjust the level of noise it makes. A handy function for those who wish to operate the insert without using the remote is a power indication LED.

The second style has a touch screen that is located on the front and is used much in the same way as a DVD player. It can be used to start or control the unit from a distance. There is a user select option on the knob that allows the user to select a speed (low, medium, etc.) of slowing down the fireplace. Some models have a variable speed fan as well.

One of the benefits of operating a battery operated fireplace insert is the fact that they can be used indoors. These units are designed for use with natural gas or propane, but can also be used on candles or other fuel sources. Many of these units can be used in the winter months with no problem. Most models should have a minimum age of two for operation.

A battery operated insert is an inexpensive option for anyone looking for an insert that produces heat. They are safer than wood burning inserts and will not produce more carbon monoxide than a standard fireplace. They are easier to install than a wood burning insert and will fit nearly any location. There is no need to hire a professional to install this type of unit either.

For those who are concerned about using electricity to heat their home, a battery operated insert is a great choice. In most cases, there is no difference in heating quality from a battery and an electric insert. These units are also safer than gas and coal burning inserts and most models are designed for use indoors. They do not create smoke or soot like a wood burning insert would. Since they are designed for use indoors, they can be used in apartments and even in a basement.

A battery operated fireplace insert is the perfect addition to anyone’s home. They provide a cost effective way to heat their home. These units produce very little smoke and do not require a chimney to be installed. Since they are designed to be used indoors, a power outage does not impact their operation. A battery powered fireplace insert is an inexpensive way to add warmth to anyone’s home.