Sleep Innovations Alden Memory Foam Mattress

The U.S.-based company Sleep Innovations produces hybrid and memory foam mattresses. These products are manufactured in the United States, and the company’s tagline is “Find Your Fit.” The brand was founded in 1996 and went through bankruptcy in 2008. It was bought by an investment group in 2008. Its tagline is “Found Your Fit.” In addition to manufacturing mattresses, Sleep Innovations sells pillows and other bedding products through a variety of third-party retailers.

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Sleep Innovations sells its memory foam mattresses through a variety of retailers, including online and at select brick-and-mortar stores. The company claims that its products are made to fit each individual body. A few of its mattresses feature two to five layers of memory foam and gel, as well as a medium to firm comfort level. They are a popular choice for people with sensitive skin and backs, and are available in a wide range of prices.

The company is a leader in memory foam mattresses. The Alden mattress features three layers of CertiPUR-US-certified foam, a quilted poly-cotton mattress cover. The top layer is made of cooling gel memory foam, while the middle layer has Sleep Innovations Air Channel Foam. The air channels help improve airflow and reduce heat. The firmness level of this mattress is rated at 3.5. The firmness of the Alden should suit most back sleepers.

As part of the Innocor group, Sleep Innovations is a manufacturer of foam products. The foam used in their mattresses is manufactured by Innocor Foam Technologies. Rather than microcoils or innersprings, these mattresses have foam cores and no innersprings. The company was bought by Bain Capital in 2017 and now makes both mattresses and bedtoppers. The company has a history of improving its products, but there is still room for improvement.

Among the Sleep Innovations mattresses, the Alden offers a medium-soft comfort level. However, it might not be comfortable enough for people with more pronounced curves. A few other models from the company are harder than the Alden, which is designed for firm sleepers. The company offers a 20-year limited warranty, which is one of the key selling points of this brand. The Alden is an ideal choice for anyone who wants to find a new mattress.

The company’s products are available at retail stores and online. The Marley mattress is made of three layers of foam and is wrapped in a durable, quilted poly-cotton mattress cover. Its middle layer features Sleep Innovations Air Channel Foam, which works with gel memory foam to enhance airflow. These mattresses are sold through multiple retailers. This brand is only available at Costco, but is sold at various online and offline locations.

The company’s product offerings are designed for all sleeping styles. The Alden is made from three layers of foam and is wrapped in a quilted cotton mattress cover. The top layer is made of foam with a gel-infused surface and the middle layer is made of sleep innovations Air Channel Foam. The Air Channel Foam enhances airflow and provides cooling. The Marley mattress can be purchased at several retail locations. There are also other Sleep Innovations mattresses available online.

While Sleep Innovations’ Alden mattresses are similar in terms of their firmness and comfort levels, the Alden has a soft and medium-soft comfort level. The Alden, however, has two-and-a-half inches of memory foam on its comfort layer, but that may not be enough to support a larger and more muscular back. The firmness level of the mattress makes it ideal for side sleepers. A couple of inches of foam in the middle of the mattress provides adequate lumbar support.

A firmness rating of two and a half inches is good enough for most side sleepers. The Alden’s medium-soft comfort level is a better choice for back sleepers. A medium-soft comfort level is good for back sleepers. The company also makes mattresses with firm and medium-soft foams. Its website does not state the density of the foams, but the average density of the two and a half inch mattress is about three pounds lighter than a Tempur-Pedic or Tri-Pedic mattress.

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