Modern Farmhouse Kitchens

farm style kitchens south africa

Modern Farmhouse Kitchens

South Africa is a country where one can see the influence of American and European designs that are mostly incorporated in farm style kitchens. Though these designs were initially developed in America, they were later taken over by the British. The main reason why they were brought over was due to the shortage of construction materials and labor. In order to provide a cheaper alternative to traditional constructions, these kitchen designs were adapted and eventually became popular across the globe.

There are many images of wooden farm style kitchens that have become vintage over the years and they may be found in some of the older houses that people used as their permanent residence. If you want to find a perfect example for your kitchen design rocker, then you should take a look at some old farmhouse photographs. Most of these images may be subject to copyright. However, if you are able to locate the original photographer’s name, you will be able to use this image more legally.

Farmhouse kitchen styles were originally designed in dark shades of brown. As time passed, different shades of brown and white emerged and each of these styles gave the homeowners different appearances. Today, most of the houses that were constructed decades ago still follow this design. If you want a lighter or whiter look, you can choose to install white appliances or opt for a black cabinet.

One thing that you must take note of is that the farmhouse kitchen style is not based on any type of strict demarcation between the spaces. You can mix and match the furniture according to your taste and needs. For instance, you can choose a small dining room for your kitchen. Or if you have enough money, you can even turn your farmhouse into a 5 star restaurant right in your backyard.

The typical farmhouse has a log splitter to distribute the firewood. It also has a small fireplace that adds a cozy feel to the whole atmosphere. The color schemes usually come in natural rustic shades such as brown, creosote and white. However, if you want a more modernized look, you can simply add white cabinets and white tiles to transform the overall look of the house.

Because most farmhouses nowadays feature their own private bathrooms, you will have a lot of flexibility when choosing your kitchen countertops. In case you have a separate area for the kitchen, you can opt to get wooden flooring instead of ceramic tiles. If you don’t have a dedicated farmhouse kitchen but still need a functional kitchen, you can simply add white flooring to the whole room. If you are lucky enough to find an old farmhouse, you can even consider installing wooden floors on the walls.

If you have the budget, it is recommended that you hire a professional to custom-build your farmhouse kitchen. There are many woodcarvers and contractors that can create a great design that will match your overall theme. They will be able to incorporate the right elements from your original farmhouse or ranch, including the white picket fence and the natural brown barn animals. You can also add a farmhouse sink and modern faucets to the kitchen to complete the look of your kitchen.

Although most farmhouse kitchens have modern appliances like refrigerators, stovetops, dishwashers and washing machines, you can still get something simple and cheap if you go to the right to farm. For example, if you live on a farm in Tanzania, you will not find another home with the same style of farmhouse sink as this one. You can simply choose a farmhouse sink that has geometric shapes to compliment the look of your home. You will surely get your desired look by considering the options available for farmhouse kitchens in South Africa.