Kohler Cruxstream Sliding Shower Door Reviews – Enjoy Your Bathroom With the Kohler Cruxstream

Are you looking for a sliding shower door? One that opens on both sides? Then you should check out the Kohler Plunger shower enclosure. This enclosure can be used in a wide variety of bathroom settings and has a very clean, modern look to it. These types of doors are very affordable and can really add a lot to a bathroom remodel or bathroom upgrade.

kohler revel sliding shower door reviews

The pros: The most obvious pros is the fact that it’s simple and sleek. This is the biggest drawback of this unit though. As mentioned, it has a single sliding door which is just about the only good thing about it. In addition, the one door requires two hands to open and close. To help you get it right, here are some of the pros and cons highlighted by Kohler for their Plunger shower enclosure. This Revel shower enclosure comes with an immaculate plastic enclosure which makes it convenient to install.

It is durable and long-lasting. This is what many consumers are looking for when they are shopping for a brand new shower enclosure. When you combine this along with the fact that it’s a frameless glass door, you are sure to find a great package. With this door, consumers can install in about five minutes. It’s made of high quality materials and can last for several years.

The cons: Most consumers won’t care about the cons because they’ll want to buy it anyway. However, the one con noted by Kohler is the fact that the self-closing mechanism doesn’t work very well. Sometimes it will work, but other times it won’t. It’s a minor con but you’ll have to look at it like the price is the only downside. In the end, it’s still a solid piece of kit that does exactly what it says it will – protect your bathroom floor from water.

The best features: This review highlights the pros pretty heavily, but there are actually some nice features packed into this affordable price. The biggest highlight is that it has a vinyl cover to keep water out of the tub when it’s not in use. This means that you no longer have to worry about mold build-ups. Other pros of this shower kit include:

There are some nice cons as well. Since it is a frameless door, some consumers might find that it doesn’t match with existing decor. That is something that is easily fixed with a little sanding. The other downside is the fact that this unit is not as strong as the rest. Kohler does offer a sturdier vertical handle option for those looking for a little more strength.

The bottom line is that this shower kit is a good buy if you’re on a budget or have small bathrooms. It’s one of those affordable shower fixtures that you can be proud of and have high quality construction. You just need to make sure that you check the various Kohler revel sliding door reviews to find the one that fits your needs the best. That’s what these reviews are intended to help you do.

One thing that is pretty unique about the Kohler plunging door is that it has both a self-closing and a self-latching mechanism. The self-closing feature is provided by a thick double walled acrylic panel. The self-latching feature works via a clear glass pane that is divided into two pieces. This is one of the most popular highlights of the product, since the clear glass offers a higher level of privacy than the clear glass panels normally used in shower doors.

If you want to upgrade the door, you can either do so with the optional anodized aluminum or stainless steel guides. These clear tempered glass guides can be easily installed and vary in width from six to ten inches. The anodized aluminum is available in three different thicknesses. It is another popular highlight of the product, as it is easy to install and easy to trim down for size. The door also comes standard with brass mounting hardware, such as a two-pronged adapter.

In the style department, the Kohler Visolite bathtub is a tub with a self-closing technology. The patent leather-like door is covered in clear tempered glass. Some of the more common styles are a straight design and a bull nose design. Both styles use the same self-closing technology. Some of the models have a chrome bathtub finish while others are offered in a more classic look with a bronze or nickel finish. In addition to the self-closing technology, some of the models even incorporate a tissue barrier.

Other highlights of the Kohler Cruxstream sliding shower door include easy exit angles and a low shower base. The door is provided with a low shower base that is five inches deep. The door can be adjusted up to eighteen inches in height, making this a very convenient model for most households. Many consumers enjoy the smooth interior design of the Cruxstream model, along with the low profile shower tray that doubles as a headrest.