Keeping an Eye on Technologies Used by Other Countries

how technologically advanced is singapore

Keeping an Eye on Technologies Used by Other Countries

This question has been bugging me for quite some time now, so I decided to write an article on the same to seek the answer. Well, let me begin by saying that as a whole, Singapore is an advanced nation. It is not only a technological leader in Southeast Asia but it is also one of the leading nations of the world when it comes to green field technology advancements. It has invested heavily in renewable energy and its dependence on imported oil and gas have both decreased drastically over the years.

Let us take a look at some of the other facts I found while researching this question. The GSA or the Global South Subartmental Area is a vast area encompassing countries like Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Philippines. A large portion of this region was assigned to Singapore for purposes of facilitating trade. In my research, I found that Singapore has pretty good transportation facilities including a railway, a canal system, a tunnel system, an airport and several international airports all within easy reach of each other. From here, any tourist arriving in Singapore would have to travel via the Singapore Channel to get into the country’s mainland.

If I had to make a guess, I would say that somewhere along the line, somebody had to come up with the pun in “computer technology advanced.” Now, let me stop right here because I do not want to get any type of preferential treatment while writing an article on “how technologically advanced is Singapore.” I am just trying to be impartial and give you an objective view of a country with a long standing history of technological advancements. Singapore is a very wealthy country, so I would not be putting F&I in any category that is supposed to be a generalization. I will however say that overall, Singapore is technologically superior to many nations in South-East Asia. Let me explain that a little further.

The United States and United Kingdom are typically regarded as being technologically advanced. In my research, I did find that China and Japan were more technologically advanced than the two western powers, but no one ever described Singapore as being advanced. Singapore was the only nation I came across in which the term “technologically advanced” was not used to describe its infrastructure or the way it did things. When I read articles like these, I can’t help but shake my head in pity and ask, “What is it with these people?” It doesn’t appear that they are too concerned with how Singapore looks, although I wouldn’t put it past some international journalist to take a shot at how Singapore looks.

Singapore was originally built as an American colony and as such, its population was very much aware of what Americans thought of them. Naturally, the people there took great pains to make sure that their infrastructure was as advanced as possible. A typical section of the Pacific Ocean abutting the island’s eastern coast features a white building that was once the tallest tower in the world, The Chrysler Building. There is a museum there that tells the story of how the building was designed by the now famous Bill Ford. Singapore was also the home of one of the earliest semiconductor companies in the planet, Fairchild Semiconductor, which earned it the moniker of being one of the “wise men” of their time.

One wonders if the young Mr. Singh would have been so embarrassingly wrong about some of his pronouncements if he’d had the opportunity to look around the globe. One could only imagine what sort of technology we might be able to use today if our government had spent less time worrying about technically backwards nations and more time worrying about implementing advanced computer technology. If only Singh could have lived to see his beloved country of Singapore celebrate its bicentennial year.

We are still waiting for our government to figure out how to balance the books and keep the national budget in check. In truth, the government has probably been too busy worrying about balancing the national budget that they actually forgot to monitor the progress of the global computer industry. Apparently we can’t have the same discussion in our country because we’re more concerned with ensuring that our government is fiscally balanced and then going back to worry about the issues that come with being technologically advanced. In fact, it seems that many members of our government feel that the only way to monitor the advancement in our nation’s technological capabilities is through the monitoring of our already existing social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace.

It is hard to argue with the achievements that the Chinese government has made in terms of technology. They’ve been involved in developing mobile communication devices, automobiles and even digital camcorders. However, they seem to be content with these accomplishments and haven’t even moved forward on the next step yet. That is why I think we need a monitoring system like those in Singapore so that we can keep track of these technological advancements that our Chinese competitors are enjoying. It is important to be prepared for the next generation of computing devices because they will come along before us like the Smartpen, tablets and the wave of handheld computing devices that we are seeing coming out of companies such as Apple and Microsoft.