Internet and Business: No, It’s Not A Breakthrough

is technology advancing too fast

Internet and Business: No, It’s Not A Breakthrough

If you’re like many parents, you ask yourself these questions when your children are not the old ones that we had. “Is technology advancing too fast? How will I fit in to this world?” And “Will my children be safe when they use technology?” As parents, it is very important for us to consider the potential threat to our children may pose to themselves and to our society when we allow them to use technology. Technology has provided many wonderful things-not just books and music and movies, but communication devices and the Internet, to name a few.

However, the potential for abuse is real and has been for quite some time. Parents and children should be concerned about the ways in which children use technology and whether or not the children are being steered away from the family values of kindness, modesty and honesty that we used to practice as our family. There is a trend in some families whereby one parent uses the technology available to help their child excel in school while another parent provides them with the moral support they need.

Is technology impacting the way we teach our children? One of the questions we often ask ourselves is, “Is technology impacting my child’s mind?” A lot of the dangers that were once handled by parents and adults in the past have been taken over by younger children. The Internet is responsible for a bad one on our youth and the educational system is largely responsible for another. The sad thing is that children feel that they have no control over the Internet, and this is an issue that will only get worse as technology improves.

Is technology advancing too quickly without parental supervision? Google Glass is the latest “in” thing in technology, but what do we as parents look for? Is this technology that we should allow our children to use? What can we do to keep them safe?

The other concern that I have is the potential for a new business failure because of it. What if there was a need for a system that monitored and logged the activities of our small businesses in real time so the owners and business operators could look at that information and make the necessary adjustments when needed? Is it possible that if digital skills are not developed enough, our teenagers and our children might not be able to handle the pressure that comes along with online social networks? Can we teach them how to properly use such technologies and if they don’t develop the necessary digital skills, will we be able to keep them safe? These are some of the questions that come to mind.

Is business banking also affected by the lack of international trade? Many small businesses have suffered because the global economy is not moving as fast as it once did. It may be that small businesses will have to adapt or go under. If this happens, will the impact on our nation’s business confidence be severe?

Does the impact of technology on us in terms of job losses and economic dislocation affect our children? Many experts believe that the internet is actually creating a new generation of employees. These employees are able to stay home with their parents while at the same time benefiting their parents financially. There are also more jobs that are available in the work force that doesn’t require the completion of any training.

Is technology going to stop at simply advancing? Will we still have to adapt to a different way of doing things in the future? These are some of the questions that come to my mind when I think about it. The good news is that if you ask me, I am firmly in the “no” camp when it comes to technology. I believe that the Internet has the ability to bring us all together and enable us to learn from one another while doing our own thing. In fact, I think that the days of business being the old fashioned business have long since ended.