How To Use A Timms Possum Trap To Get Rid Of Skinks

Made of tough, inflexible polyethylene plastic this simple set trap is also one of New Zealand’s most popular possum trap. Can be sprung and placed without risking hands, fingers or feet with the spring at the back of the trap. The Timms possum trap meets strict animal welfare requirements when used to trap possums. Very useful where there are just a few possums in an area.

This popular possum trap is easy to use, as it is designed with an easy fit front zipper cover. The elastic band at the top allows the trap to be easily tightened when full. The tough polyethylene material ensures the Timms possum trap stays in place when in use and is easy to clean. The trap is very durable and is completely safe to use in areas that are considered safe for the possums.

This is the first Timms possum trap that is rated 5. When the lid is closed, this heavy duty plastic traps can be safely transported up to 100 ft. when fully closed. When a lid is on, the lid locks into place, keeping possums inside. This is a great way to keep them out of reach of children and other pets.

This simple, yet effective product keeps possums out of reach. A simple push of a button releases the stopper which contains the spring that catches the possum. Once, the trapped animal steps on the trigger, the spring tightens and the lid rises. These traps are very effective at trapping larger timms possums because they contain a spring, which is too large for smaller lizards and snakes. These are also great for keeping other small animals out of your garden.

This Timms possum trap is easy to use and comes with step by step Timms possum guide. The trap instructions include detailed instructions on how to set up the trap, the tools you will need to set it up, and the safety precautions that must be taken. The instructions even include a video of the setting up process. The heavy-duty polyethylene plastic used to make this trap has a zipper surrounding the entire perimeter. The zipper is strong enough to prevent any damage from occurring and is easy to remove for cleaning.

The plastic exterior of this popular possum trap makes it extremely easy to clean. When the lid is open, all that is needed is a quick swipe with any damp cloth to remove any loose dirt or insects. Once clean, it is easy to put back together and lock the lid in place. Many users of this easy set device have commented that the spring used in this Timms possum trap is strong enough to catch a mouse but not strong enough to hurt or kill a skink.

One of the best things about the Timms possum trap is that it can be reused. It can be opened and cleaned without having to throw out the whole thing. The tough polyethylene plastics used to make this product have no sharp edges or components that could cause the trap to release a spring or hurt your fingers. In addition, it is easy to empty, unlike other spring traps that can take a lot of time and effort to empty. This easy set device can be reused over again to catch the same amount of critters.

The Timms possum trap is very popular among those looking for an effective yet cheap way to get rid of skinks. It is also popular with those who want to control their own pest wildlife. This is an inexpensive product that does exactly what it sets out to do, which is to trap skinks without putting your hand in harm’s way.