Ancient India – A Brief History of Innovation

was ancient india advanced technology

Ancient India – A Brief History of Innovation

In the beginning of the Twentieth century, the whole world was talking about how ancient India was. It was a time when people from all over the world were attracted by this small country that has a rich history and amazing culture. People from all over the world were fascinated with all that the ancient civilization had to offer. These people were talking about how advanced their civilization was, as if they were in the middle ages!

In the Twentieth century, there are still many monuments and artifacts that have been discovered in India. Some of these objects are so old that they have already been dated. These artifacts have helped us to date the ancient civilization that was so long ago. Did man create life on earth in order to look at the moon? That is one theory that scientists have formulated about how did the moon originate and where did it come from.

Was ancient India the place where everything was invented and advanced technology was created? This is one theory that scientists have formulated. There are many other theories that have been put forward as well. But, no matter what the theories are, one thing can be sure.

When the ancients arrived at their destination, what was the first thing that they did? They used technology like wheeled vehicles and bows and arrows. They found hunting animals was very difficult and they needed something more comfortable to sit on. The people that lived in those times were not the hunter kind of people; they were the people that would plant flowers and plants and harvest them for food. So, technology was necessary in those days because there was no way for people to move around.

Did the people in ancient India have clothing like we do today? No, they did not. What they had on was pants that were made of tough fibers and garments that were lined with a mixture of animal skins and linen. They did not wear clothes of any kind. This was because they did not have the knowledge or the facilities to make clothes and since they lived in a desert, the only material they had to produce clothing out of was sand.

Did the ancients go around looking for trees to use as homes? Absolutely not. They did not travel to different places and settle in different places to build their houses. The only place that they had to stay was the place that they lived in and the only place that had the necessary technology and facilities to their home was the place that they were from.

Did the ancient Indians design the wheel? No. Not only did they not design the wheel, but they could not even make the wheel work. They did not have the necessary tools to make the wheel work and they could only make rudimentary structures. They were more like cave dwellers and their only forms of shelter was the simple rock that they used as a place to sleep. Their sophisticated culture died out when the people around them learned of the new advanced technology that was available.

The very reason that the ancient Indians gave such advanced technology to people all over the world was because they did not have it. The only way for an ancient civilization to stay alive and continue to teach people was by learning from their mistakes and incorporating those into the next generation. Fortunately, those mistakes were caught and taught so that other civilizations can learn from them. Ancient India was one such civilization.