A Technological Advancement Would Best Be Represented by the Internet

What would the best be represented by a technological advance in our society? Some would say that it would be self-sufficiency. That every item and appliance that were invented would completely free up humans from manual labor and allow everyone to become more self sufficient. This would seem to be a pretty good thing indeed.

a technological advance would best be represented by

A more techno-savvy person however might say that a technological advance would allow for more leisure time. After all, wouldn’t humans be more satisfied with their leisure time if it did not have to do with being at work? With more leisure time granted, people might have more free time to pursue things they enjoy. The possibilities are endless really.

But suppose this were actually true. Suppose that a technological advancement would allow everyone to have their own plasma TV with full satellite television programming access. Suppose that it also allowed you to watch movies on your portable digital audio player rather than being stuck to the old analog TV set. Would a society be better off? Well, of course, it would be a much happier and healthier one.

Now then, what do you think would happen when such a technological advancement took place? First of all, the poor would have a good reason to start saving their money again. There would be no longer any need to go out and buy all of those useless, low-end products that we can only get through the major retail stores. And even those items that they would still buy wouldn’t be all that expensive.

People would actually have money to save. This means they would have more buying power. Which, of course, would lead to more purchasing power, which, of course, would lead to more advances. And so on and so forth. The society as a whole would benefit greatly from these technological breakthroughs.

And yet, this is exactly what is taking place right now. We are not seeing an actual technological advancement; we are instead seeing a bunch of new conveniences. Because people are not saving their money, the companies making these advances are not having to invest much into R&D in order to stay ahead of competitors.

Therefore, in reality, a technological advance would best be seen as a net positive for the entire world. It would create more wealth all around the world, without anyone having to save any money whatsoever. Instead, everyone would have extra money to do whatever they wanted to. So technological advancement like this would be a net benefit, overall.

Therefore, instead of seeing these technological advancements as a negative, the optimists in me think that it is a complete miracle when you really look at the whole picture. A technological advancement like this would help improve the world in a huge way. People will have access to things that they never dreamed they would have. Also, because the technology improves everything, the cost of living would go down for everyone and that leads to a much better standard of living overall. So I would rather view these technological advancements as a positive thing, overall.

However, there are some pessimists out there who are saying that these technological advances would have a negative impact on society at large. They say that it will reduce the quality of human life overall because of the increased productivity of the people. Also, that we will have a society that is so automated and dependent upon computers and other technologies that most people would end up being jobless. They also fear that this would spell the beginning of a very long and horrific global economic crash.

Now then, even though these people are right about some of their fears, the optimist in me would say that a technological advance would be a great boon for humanity. In fact, the only thing that would stop us from going along with the new technology that is being brought to the world is whether or not we have the ability to use it effectively. For instance, if we are able to use it effectively, then a great advantage would be given to us. Once we are able to utilize a technological advancement like the internet, then we would have literally changed the way we live forever.

So in this case, a technological advance would benefit us greatly. It would allow us to communicate with each other instantly. We would also be able to transfer our information in bulk to someone anywhere in the world with a few clicks of the mouse. This would mean better efficiency in business and in life overall, which would lead to more jobs and more money being generated as a result.

Now then, these technological advancements would also benefit the economy in general. Since we would be able to utilize this sort of technology efficiently, then we would not need to invest as much in capital investment in order to create these kinds of advancements. This would mean an increase in the Gross Domestic Product or the overall value of the country. Also, since more businesses would be able to function and thrive due to these technological advancements, it would create more jobs for those people that are involved in creating these breakthroughs. Overall, a technological advancement would do more than just benefit the current generation, it would benefit the future generations as well.